Lewis’ story

Lewis* was referred to Nest Lancashire following ongoing bullying at school which has left him upset and with low confidence. His mum was very concerned that he would struggle with the demands of high school following all of the issues that the bullying had created. Lewis suffered from a poor self-image, confidence issues, and felt…

Megan’s story

Megan* was sexually abused six years ago. She hadn’t told anybody about the sexual abuse until finally finding the courage to speak to a pastoral worker at her school. Megan’s case was investigated and went to court – as a result the person responsible was jailed. The court process was very stressful for Megan and… Read More

Josh’s story

Josh* is 15 and has had to witness years of domestic abuse between his mother and father which has had a hugely damaging effect on his confidence and self-esteem. He suffers from low levels of resilience and struggles to form relationships with others, resulting in him becoming extremely withdrawn and increasingly isolated. His education was… Read More

Sophie’s story

Sophie* is 12 years old and has been the victim of a serious sexual assault. Sophie had already received some support through another service but she was referred to Nest because she needed further help going forward. Sophie started seeing her Nest support worker just as her case went to trial. Her support worker was… Read More

Liam’s Story

Liam* was referred to Nest as he has been a victim of harassment. He had withdrawn from going out with friends and attending college and was spending most of his time in his room. Since his referral, we have been able to help Liam in a number of ways to become more independent and self-confident…. Read More