Bereavement/Palliative Care

Rainbow Trust
Rainbow trust is a charity that provides support to those with life changing illnesses helping them get all of the treatments, funding and help needed to get through life. They help young people from 0-18 years. Rainbow trust support those whose family can cope independently and not currently in crisis, but still require some areas of support. They mainly deal with palliative care to those children who do not have long left in life and to ensure that everything is comfortable and the way the family and child would like it to be before they die. They deal with all areas from diagnosis to death. This charity help the siblings too, providing trips and surprises to make things slightly easier for them.

Telephone: National 01372 363 438, Lancaster – 01372 220 095
Social Media: Facebook: @RainbowTrust / Twitter: @RainbowTrustCC

The Linden Centre – Cascade
Based on the site of Trinity Palliative Care Services in Blackpool, the Linden Centre provides a support and counselling service for children and adolescents who are facing bereavement or struggling to cope with the serious illness of someone in their life.

Telephone: 01253 595 552
Social Media: Facebook @TrinityHospiceAndBrianHouseChildrensHospice / Twitter @trinity_hospie (Twitter)

Winston’s Wish
Winston’s Wish is a charity helping children with bereavement. Areas include death that other charities and services typically do not deal with; Murder, manslaughter, suicide, military and also hard to reach families. The advice to adults is focused on how to help the children throughout their sad time. With there being high amounts of children and young people losing parents and friends, it can further mental issues further on in their life. They offer support in both groups and alone, also in residential settings.

Telephone: 01242 515 157
Social Media: Facebook: @winstonswishcharity / Twitter: @winstonswish

New life
This charity supports children with life changing illnesses. They aim to provide funding towards treatment for children with these illnesses and problems. They provide aid for the children’s life and allows both child and parent to get the best from life. The number of children that are disabled or terminally ill is reaching a total of one million, so this charity is able to help provide much needed equipment and care that cannot always be funded through the NHS.

Telephone: 01543 462 777
Email: emails are sent through the website connect page
Social Media: Facebook: @newlifethecharity / Twitter: @newlifecharity