Lewis’ story

Lewis* was referred to Nest Lancashire following ongoing bullying at school which has left him upset and with low confidence. His mum was very concerned that he would struggle with the demands of high school following all of the issues that the bullying had created. Lewis suffered from a poor self-image, confidence issues, and felt a lot of anger which is hard to deal with. He had also isolated himself and was reluctant to go out with friends or mix with other children.

Initially Lewis just wanted to talk to somebody about what had happened to him and about his worries in starting high school. His Nest support worker has helped Lewis with getting out of the house as much as possible as the isolation and reluctance to go out were something that had only started as a result of being bullied.

They went on walks together and even took the dogs out to the local park for the afternoon, which he really enjoyed. His support worker also took him to a summer activity camp, run by the local council. Lewis was very reluctant to attend at first but soon settled in and got chatting to other children.

His Mum was thrilled with how enthusiastically Lewis spoke about the group and that he had even asked her to take him back the next day. We recently ran a peer support session with other users of Nest Lancashire – Lewis attended this and told us that he really enjoyed the session and would like to do another one in the future.

Lewis has now started high school. His support worker is in close contact with the school and they are working closely to ensure that the transition is smooth. We will be here for Lewis for as long as he needs our support.

*We have changed names on all of our case studies to protect identities

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