Sophie’s story

Sophie* is 12 years old and has been the victim of a serious sexual assault. Sophie had already received some support through another service but she was referred to Nest because she needed further help going forward.

Sophie started seeing her Nest support worker just as her case went to trial. Her support worker was there for her to support her throughout the court process which can be very stressful. Sophie’s key worker continued to work with her following the trial to provide ongoing support and to work alongside other agencies that are providing additional help.

Working with Sophie, the Nest support worker has drawn up a support plan to help Sophie take steps to move forward and to help her stay safe and feel safe in the future.

Sophie’s key worker has also enrolled her in a Prince’s Trust scheme after looking at the best options to help her further.

Sophie recently opened up to her support worker to talk about her counselling sessions which she didn’t feel were helping her. Her support worker has helped to find different services which can offer support to her as well as her whole family going forward.

Sophie is starting to move forward with her life and we will continue to support her as long as she needs our help.

*We have changed names on all of our case studies to protect identities

Help and support

If you have experienced sexual abuse, we are here to help. Find out more about how we can support you.